Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tutorial: Galaxy Nails

Galaxy print has been everywhere this year! I've seen it on shorts, leggings, and even sneakers. Since there have been so many pictures of galaxy nails on Tumblr and Instagram, I decided to try them for myself. If you want to see my take on the trend, read on!

What you'll need:
  • 100% Acetone
  • A Makeup Sponge
  • Basecoat and Topcoat (I recommend Orly's Bonder and Won't Chip)
  • Black, Pearl, Pink, Purple, and Blue Polishes
  • Blue and Silver Glitter Topcoats
  • Q-Tips
Step One:

Apply a coat of basecoat to protect your nails from the dark colors. Then, apply two coats of black polish, and allow it to dry.

Step Two:

Sponge on a random shape with the pearl polish. Make sure that you don't cover all of the black, but make your shape big enough to make smaller shapes inside.

Step Three:

Sponge on some pink inside of the pearl, then blue inside of that. This will add more dimension to your galaxy.

Step Four:

Sponge the purple polish on the edges of the nail to add a little something extra to the black. Do this lightly so you don't completely cover up the black polish.

Step Five:

Apply the smaller glitter first. Then, add the bigger glitter on top of it. The glitters will act as your galaxy's stars.

Step Six:

Apply a thin coat of topcoat. This will make your nails shine, and keep your hard work from chipping.


Dip a q-tip into the acetone, then use it to clean up any polish that gets onto your skin. This way, no one will ever know that you made mistakes!

And there you have it, galaxy nails! I hope you liked my attempt as much as I do. Thanks for reading!
XOXO Kayla


  1. OMG,looks so this design.*_*
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    1. Sorry for replying so late but thank you so much!! I love your blog!

  2. Beautiful!!!
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